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    China lock technology increase year by year eager to conform with the international market
    Chinese locks the development trend of the product from, a high precision, high efficiency, high reliability, multiple functions; second specifications, many varieties; three standardization, seriation, universalization, display the characteristics of technology and technology; strengthen should: machining, stamping technology, casting technology, surface treatment technology, automatic assembly line and other aspects.
    Talking about China's lock industry development in China, the lock industry should have an organization 's overall goals, progress of science and technology to improve year by year, such as product structure, product quality, technology, innovation ability, talent structure and so on are indispensable. He thinks the locks is the requisite that people lives, which belongs to the daily hardware, but also is a kind of security products, the development of the industry of good and bad, in relation to each family, unit, safety in public places. In the international market competition growing today, China locks if still has innovation consciousness, do not stop, it will be eliminated by the international market.
    Like modern with high-tech operation of Italy, USA, Germany, Japan, Britain and France, may be called lock power, their technical level and the level of technology leading position in the world. World famous brand locks from these countries, but with the developed country labor increasingly expensive, to the nineteen seventies, low-grade locks production center gradually to the East Asian Tigers transfer, and has made great development. At the beginning of 90 time, East Asian Tigers rising labor costs, less competitive in the global market is declining, locks. At this time, the Chinese lock to seize this one opportunity, mass production, to 1992, our locks total output amounts to 1050000000, export 2 million to produce big country, and gradually become the lock. However, so far, China lock industry is just one in the growth of the market, according to the relevant media investigation, a preliminary conclusion, Chinese enterprises lock in the uneven distribution, cluster phenomenon is outstanding; disorderly competition and strict, profit is very low, which seriously interfere with the development of the whole industry.